5 Easy Ways To Maintain Good Memory

Memories play an important role to store the collection of emotions, expressions, situations in the album of life. Our memories have the greatest power to take us back and relive the situation altogether. But there are times when we tend to forget many of our special moments. The moments which are both memorable and should not to be quickly forgotten. But, we do forget them. Why do we tend to forget these moments of our lives so easily?

Easy Ways To Maintain Good Memory

According to studies, we usually forget our memories due to a lack of personal awareness, unwanted stress, and unhealthy lifestyle. So how do we keep good track of our memory?

The best way to keep our memories safe and healthy is to keep our brain fit and wholesome. And to keep your brain nourished, here are five easy ways to guard your memories:

1. Make Way For Good Memory:

We always find it difficult to make some time for ourselves. That is why, we are surrounded by many unwanted and negative things such as mental stress, anxieties and so on. When you have a relaxed mind, there are good possibilities for storing your all memories and moments. The best way to make space for memories are as follows:

  • Meet your friends
  • Play sport or games
  • Exercise/ Work our
  • Dance
  • Listen to good music

Listen Good Music

2. Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy:

Scientists have proved that when we eat a good food mixed with quality nutrients and minerals, we help in supplying best proteins to our brain to work smoothly and bravely. Experts have advised that an anti-oxidant rich diet with omega-3 fatty acid keeps our brain health and charged. There are also many other food items which provide best nutrients such as:

  • Almonds
  • Avocados
  • Whole grains
  • Blueberries
  • Tomatoes

Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy

3. Yoga:

Studies have proven that Yoga helps in reducing stress and relieves anxieties. Yoga helps in boosting moods which helps in better social gathering leading to better brain function. Yoga helps in restoring energy and directs our brain to work smoothly and efficiently. Some of the best yoga asana or poses are as follows:

  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Padmaasana (Lotus Pose)
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand)
  • Sirsasana (Headstand)



4. Avoid Excessive Junk Food:

Studies show the degradation of healthy body energy and functioning when consumed excess unhealthy and junk food. The junk food does not allow the essential nutrients to work efficiently affecting body with different problems such as:

  • Heart strokes
  • Brain disease
  • Cancer
  • Breathing issues

Avoid Excessive Junk Food

5. Relaxing Nap:

Experts believe a good sleep can be more enhancing and rejuvenating. Healthy rest is very important as it helps us to maintain a good flow of energy in and around us. Good sleep can do lot more things such as:

  • Creates a positive environment
  • Enhances Mood
  • Improves memory
  • Decreases stress

Relaxing Nap

Having a good memory for all of us is essential. A good memory is a sign of a healthy life, and the best way to keep your memories close.

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